Experience Immediate Revenue Growth

Innovative Technology for Shoppable Recipes… On YOUR Website

Brands and retailers can now combine forces to deliver highly engaging, recipe-centric marketing campaigns with retailer-specific shoppable media, proven to boost revenue and move more product.

CPG Revenue Generator

Brands race to sponsor high engagement opportunities created by retailers, powered by Grocery Shopii.

Omni-Channel Recipe Deployment

Grocery Shopii is a technology launchpad that can be deployed across your digital, print and in-store marketing channels, delivering rich, sticky content, and accelerating sales, regardless of how your shoppers choose to engage.

Banners and Private Label Take Priority

While Shopii brings brand sponsorship revenue opportunities to retailers, recipes are filled with store brands and private label ingredients.

Retailer Phone

Your Environment— Powered by Shopii

Grocery Shopii’s proprietary meal planning platform works as a launchpad on retailers’ websites, housing sponsored shoppable recipe content. These recipes can then be deployed anywhere, pulling shoppers directly into a retailer’s experience to view, print and purchase ingredients.


Grocery Shopii can be quickly and easily incorporated as a stand-alone meal planning platform or added to your e-commerce stack.

Build Shopper Loyalty

Shopii makes meal planning and shopping easy with delicious recipes, curated from leading food bloggers, with options to include retailer and brand sponsored recipes.


Repeat visits and increased shopping cart size from Shopii users are proof of consumer preference driving increased revenue.